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About the festival

 Orange wines represent a relatively small, but very important niche in the global wine market, because respect for tradition combined with modern wine production insights have proven to be a winning formula for both producers and consumers. 

More about orange wines…

Maceration or prolonged contact with grape skins is a traditional white wine production method to which more and more winemakers are returning, both in places where this was traditional and those where it is a new approach to the art of winemaking. To participate at the OrangeWineFestival with their wines , winemakers must confirm that their wines comply with the Festival’s standards including the use of natural procedures, prolonged maceration, spontaneous fermentation, as little intervention in the cellar as possible and low sulphite content.

Each year brings new faces to the OWF. Because more and more winemakers, especially young ones, are choosing to continue their parents’ tradition, this year will not be an exception. The presentation of wines will be supplemented by delicacies created by caterers and producers sharing the same philosophy and positive attitude towards nature and the environment.

Orange Wine Festival Team

As member of the organizational team of Orange Wine Festival and a winemaker from the sunny Istria, I am glad that my colleagues and I are able to present our wines at an internationally renowned festival both at home,  in Izola and in Vienna. We share the commitment to nature and believe in high quality.

Bruno Zaro, (Zaro 1348, Slovenian Istria, Slovenia), Winemaker
If there is a wine festival that I like to visit, it is indeed the Orange Wine Festival. Because it’s the first one of its kind and because it’s original. I am very glad that in our country more and more young winemakers are deciding on orange wine production and thus returning to tradition. Together with the festival visitors, we are writing a new chapter of the wine story, which is gradually paving the way into the wine lists of even more traditional caterers.
Aleš Kristančič , (Movia, Brda, Slovenia), Winemaker








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