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About the festival

We are proud to invite you to the small and welcoming town of Izola at the Slovene coast of the Adriatic Sea – on Friday, April 26, 2019 – where winemakers from numerous countries will be presenting their macerated white wines. Although orange wines are closing a relatively small gap in the global wine market, they still represent an important part of it since respect for tradition intertwined with advanced wine production insights have proven to satisfy the winemaker as well as the consumer.

More about orange wines

Maceration or prolonged contact with grape skins is a traditional white wine production procedure, to which more and more winemakers – in places with or without such tradition – are returning. Thanks to the Orange Wine Festival, Izola has become one of the most important show windows for regional and international orange wines.

In order to take part in the OWF, winemakers must confirm compliance of their wines with the Festival standard (Declaration of Conformity) including natural procedures, prolonged maceration, spontaneous fermentation, possibly little intervention and low sulfur content.

Each year brings new faces to the OWF. Since there are more and more winemakers, especially young ones, deciding to return to tradition, this year shall not represent an exemption.The wine presentation will be supplemented by delicacies authored by caterers and producers sharing the same philosophy and the positive attitude towards nature and environment.

Orange Wine Festival Team
Bruno Zaro, president

Thanks to the loyalty and openness of our colleagues of the international orange wine scene, we feel wonderful in Izola. If the festival continues hosting uncompromising, true winemakers and food producers, this will empower the movement. Since joining Demeter in 2008, we have been producing wine with possibly little intervention, considering the entire variety of color, aroma and taste in nature as well as implementing the principle »Say what you do and do what you say!«

Fredi Ploder, (Ploder-Rosenberg, Steiermark, Austria), Winemaker

As member of the organization team and winemaker from the sunny Istria, I am glad that my colleagues and I are able to present our wines at an internationally renowned festival at home – in Izola. We share the commitment to nature and believe in high quality. Come to Izola on 26 April and you will not regret it.

Bruno Zaro, (Zaro 1348, Slovenian Istria, Slovenia), Winemaker and co-organizer of the Orange Wine Festival
If there is a wine festival that I like to visit, it is indeed the Orange Wine Festival. Because it’s the first one of its kind and because it’s original. I am very glad that in our country more and more young winemakers are deciding on orange wine production and thus returning to tradition. Together with the festival visitors, we are writing a new chapter of the wine story, which is gradually paving the way into the wine lists of even more traditional caterers.
Aleš Kristančič , (Movia, Brda, Slovenia), Winemaker


  • Aci Urbajs
  • Atelier Kramar
  • Atimo
  • Bartol
  • Batič
  • Bikicki
  • Blažič
  • Bordon
  • Burja
  • Butul Wine Selection
  • Cigoj
  • Clai
  • Coral Wines
  • Dario Prinčič
  • Draga Miklus
  • Erzetič
  • Etyeki Kúria
  • Ghira
  • Gordia
  • Gsellmann Andreas
  • Il Carpino
  • Ipša
  • Jure Štekar
  • Kabaj
  • Kaiser & Sacher
  • Katunar
  • Keltis
  • Korenika & Moškon
  • Kristian Keber
  • Lodi Corazza
  • Lunika
  • Mansus
  • Marjan Simčič
  • Marof
  • Milina
  • MonteMoro
  • Movia
  • Nicolini
  • Ploder-Rosenberg
  • Prus
  • Ražman
  • Renčel
  • Rodica
  • Rojac
  • Roxanich
  • Sassotondo
  • Schiefer
  • Slavček
  • Steras
  • Svetlik
  • Škerlj
  • Štemberger
  • Šumenjak
  • Tauss
  • Terpin
  • Terra Initia
  • Uou
  • Ussai
  • Valdisole
  • Valentan
  • Zaro 1348
  • Zidarich


  • Adriatic Shell
  • Agraria
  • ChocoMe
  • Domačija Butul
  • Domačija Novak
  • Hoba Catering
  • Istra Tartufi
  • Kendov dvorec
  • Oljarna Kocbek
  • Oljčno olje Jenko
  • Oljčno olje Morgan
  • Peloz
  • Pikol
  • Prekmurska kuharica
  • Pri Lojzetu
  • Restavracija COB
  • Ribogojnica Fonda
  • Rizibizi
  • Špacapanova hiša
  • Turistična kmetija Arkade


  • Berkel Slovenija
  • Špenko
  • ŠtokWenzel
  • Tramontana Wood Craft
  • Wine&Egg



26th April 2019
14.00 – 21.00
Manzioli Square Izola/Isola (Slovenia)
Ticket: 40 EUR (degustations & souvenir glass)
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